"Film Panel Recap" "I Don't Know Who You Are"

Film Panel Recap – “I Don’t Know Who You Are”

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Mark Randall, our Community Outreach Coordinator, recently participated in a panel discussion following a screening of “I Don’t Know Who You Are.” The event, held at the Chinook Cineplex Theatre aimed to raise awareness about available HIV treatment and care, with SafeLink Alberta also joining the discussion.

About the Film

The film, an Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival 2023, chronicles Benjamin’s urgent quest for HIV-preventive PEP treatment after a sexual assault. With only 72 hours to act, Benjamin scrambles to gather the $900 needed for the treatment. More about “I Don’t Know Who You Are”.

About the Event

During the panel discussion, Mark highlighted how “I Don’t Know Who You Are” explored themes such as sexual assault, HIV exposure, access to preventive treatment and testing, as well as the impact on immigrants, healthcare coverage, and the challenges faced by individuals without healthcare coverage.

Mark noted the film’s effective portrayal of the intricate intersectionality of an individual’s identity and the lack of support and services available based on factors like location, immigration status, and healthcare coverage. Through the lens of lived experiences, the film depicted the emotional, financial, and interpersonal challenges individuals encounter, including navigating friendships, healthcare, and the pursuit of love.

Mark expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss the film’s themes and field questions from the moderator and audience members and conveyed their willingness to support future screenings with enhanced promotion and connections to relevant support organizations.

Need Support?

We encourage people to contact our Medicine Hat or Calgary offices with questions about PrEP and PEP access and information. Our friendly and non-judgmental staff may be able to connect you with a PrEP practitioner in your community. You can also call 811 for more details. 

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