Outreach: Safer Communities, Healthier Lives

Our Outreach Team is committed to promoting safer consumption, sex, and lifestyles by providing the following supports:

  • Safer Consumption Supplies: We offer supplies for safer injection, inhalation, and other forms of substance use to reduce the risk of overdose, infection, and other harms.
  • Safer Sex Supplies: We provide free condoms, lube, and other safer sex supplies to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs).
  • STBBI Testing and Treatment Support: We offer confidential and accessible testing for HIV, hepatitis C, and other STBBIs, as well as referrals for treatment and care.
  • Naloxone Kits: We provide free naloxone kits and training on how to use them to reverse opioid overdoses and save lives.
  • Basic Food and Hygiene Supplies: We offer non-perishable food, hygiene kits, and other essentials to improve the health and well-being of our clients.
  • Information and Referrals: We provide up-to-date and evidence-based information on substance use, related issues, and referrals to other health and social services.

Our Outreach Team is part of the Calgary Outreach Collective, a group of agencies dedicated to providing street-based outreach support to vulnerable individuals in the downtown core.

To connect with our Outreach Team, please email us at info@safelinkalberta.ca.

Community Outreach: Bringing Health Education and Support to You

Our Community Outreach Team is dedicated to providing in-person outreach and support to key populations, particularly the 2SGBTQ+ community, in various settings, including:

  • Partner Agencies
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Community Events

Our Community Outreach Team offers the following services:

  • HIV/HCV/STI Information: We provide accurate and accessible information on HIV, hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.
  • Accessible STBBI Testing and Treatment: We offer free and confidential testing for HIV, hepatitis C, and other STBBIs, as well as referrals for treatment and care.
  • Supplies: We provide free supplies, such as condoms, lube, and naloxone kits, to reduce the risk of harm associated with substance use and sex.

Our Community Outreach Team has attended various events, including Pride Week Events, Telus Spark After Dark, and the Calgary Kinky Flea Market. We also participate in International Overdose Awareness Day events and other community engagement days.

To coordinate attendance of our Community Outreach Team at your event, please email mark.randall@safelinkalberta.ca.


Our Harm Reduction Model is based on the principles of harm reduction, which recognizes that substance use is a complex and multi-faceted issue that requires a holistic and non-judgmental approach.

Our Harm Reduction Model focuses on reducing harm, promoting health and well-being, and enhancing the dignity and autonomy of our clients. It also recognizes the importance of community-based approaches and the need to address the social determinants of health that contribute to substance use and related harms.

Our Harm Reduction Model is grounded in evidence-based practices and informed by the experiences and perspectives of our clients and community partners. We believe that harm reduction is a vital component of a comprehensive public health response to substance use and related issues.

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