Toolkits and Guides

Toolkits and Guides

Drawing on best practices, current literature, and insights from people with lived and living experience, service providers, and other industry experts, SafeLink Alberta’s toolkits and guides blend together diverse perspectives to challenge status quo, enhance safety within health and social services, and increase personal knowledge. We hope you find value within these tools, and we welcome you to connect with us at if you’d like more information or additional ideas on how you can adapt these practices to make them your own.

Cover of Best Practices for supporting people who use substances toolkit
Best Practices for Supporting People who use Substances

Looking for ways to bridge the gap between theory and practice when it comes to supporting people who use substances? SafeLink Alberta has you covered!

Through extensive consultation and our own implementation journey, SafeLink Alberta crafted a practical guide that combines literature with real-life experiences to provide information, actionable ideas, and lessons learned. Whether you're a frontline worker or an organization seeking to improve your approach, our Best Practices for Supporting People Who Use Substances toolkit offers insights and strategies to support you in identifying and overcoming barriers to care for people who use substances.

Date of Publication: March 2023

Cover of Shifting Perspectives toolkit
Shifting Perspectives: Addressing Barriers to Care for Sex Workers in Alberta

The service needs of sex workers are too often misunderstood or conflated with approaches and interventions designed for those being exploited or trafficked. Rooted in evidence and trauma-informed care, SafeLink Alberta’s Shifting Perspectives: Addressing Barriers to Care for Sex Workers in Alberta dives deep into the reality of sex work and sex worker’s needs in Alberta to counter misinformation and stigma at a personal, social, and systemic level.

Amplifying voices within the local sex work community, this unapologetic resource offers health and social service providers insights into seeing sex workers as people within their chosen profession and strategies to establish trust and improve quality of service. At its core, this toolkit aims to shift your perspective away from harmful assumptions and to provide a path toward equitable care.

Date of Publication: January 2024

Cover of Party N' Play Toolkit. Has a cool, edgy theme with brick and neon lights. Four pictures of two young men kissing, pills, a neon sign, and people at a club take up the first half of the image. The second half shows title text "Party N' Play: Sex, Substance Use, and Safety"
Party N' Play: Sex, Substance Use, and Safety


Party n’ Play, (PnP) or chemsex, refers to the use of substances to enhance sexual experiences. It involves a variety of motivations and experiences embedded within a complex Pn’P culture.

Pn’P is widely misunderstood and highly stigmatized with individuals rarely finding spaces that offer dedicated support when needed.

This introductory resource explores the experiences of people with lived and living experience, identifies gaps in knowledge and resources, and provides critical information to assist service providers seeking to increase the quality and cultural competency of care.

Date of Publication: March 2024

Thank You

SafeLink Alberta would like to acknowledge the contributions of people with lived and living experience who supported the development and publication of these resources as employees, advisory committee members, and community members. Your labour, knowledge, and feedback are invaluable to us.


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