The following support services are provided for our priority populations at our Calgary office:

Drop-in services:

  • Safer substance use supplies
  • Safer sex supplies
  • Naloxone kits
  • Basic food and hygiene supplies
  • Information and referrals
  • Advocacy to address barriers to service

Peer Support:

  • Peer support (individual and group programs) for people living with HIV
  • Peer support (group based) for sex workers, including a group for trans sex workers

Case Management:

  • Comprehensive and individualized support services
  • Engage clients in the development of a service plan
  • Provide emotional support, crisis intervention, and education
  • Coordinate a network of services on behalf of clients by bridging communication gaps between clients and service providers, attending and/or arranging case conferences, and accompanying clients to appointments as appropriate.
  • Referrals and facilitation of access to treatment and recovery programs

Outreach services:

Our team can be found throughout the downtown core several days a week providing safer sex and safer consumption supplies and supports.


See the Training page for more information

SafeLink Alberta has both the internal capacity to deliver services in French if a client or community member requests, as well as the ability to access external translation services to assist with communication as required.

SafeLink Alberta will support translation services to members of Indigenous and African, Caribbean, and Black communities as needed, as these are key demographics within our direct client services.