Positioning Statements

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At SafeLink Alberta, we strongly advocate for the communities we serve.

We support and promote the following positions that are directly related to our mission:

  • Harm Reduction: We believe that harm reduction is an effective approach to promote the health and well-being of individuals who use drugs.

  • Decriminalization of Sex Work: We advocate for the decriminalization of sex work to ensure the safety and human rights of sex workers.

  • Decriminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure: We support the decriminalization of HIV non-disclosure to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

  • Decriminalization of Personal Drug Possession: We advocate for the decriminalization of personal drug possession to reduce the harms associated with criminalization and provide support for those struggling with substance use.

  • Undetectable = Untransmittable: We believe in the science of U=U, which states that people living with HIV who are on effective treatment and have an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partners.