Peer Support

Peer Support
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Empowering Connections: Peer Support Programs for HIV+ Individuals and Sex Workers, including Trans Sex Workers

We offer Peer support (individual and group programs) for people living with HIV and Peer support (group based) for sex workers, including a group for trans sex workers.

Plus Friends: a safe and inclusive group for anyone living with HIV. This group aims to offer support and community in a social setting. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month in the evening.

Positive Connections: a monthly peer support group, a non-judgmental and safe place for women to share their stories, successes, and challenges of living with HIV. 

Parejas Unidas: un grupo de apoyo mensual para parejas que hablan principalmente Español (a monthly support group for GBMSM couples who speak primarily Spanish).

Coffee Connections: A monthly group of PLWH (people living with HIV) who come to the office space to drink coffee, eat pastries and socialize with their peers.

Sex Worker Peer Group: On the second and last Tuesday of the month at 4:00. RSVP can be done through or Shift twitter (X) DMs

To connect with the HIV Peer Support Program, email 

Shift has a rights-based approach to sex work.

Shift is a Calgary-based program that provides support to adults currently or previously engaged in sex work. Shift uses a rights-based approach to sex work, recognizing that sex work is a choice for many and respecting the rights of adults to make this choice. Shift also recognizes that for some, factors such as poverty or exploitation can put people into situations where they don’t have control. The program meets people where they are at, whether they want to continue sex work, safely transition, or anything in-between.

Visit the Shift Page

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