Shift has a harm reduction and rights-based approach to sex work.

Shift is a Calgary-based program that provides support to adults currently or previously engaged in sex work. Shift uses a rights-based approach to sex work, recognizing that sex work is a choice for many and respecting the rights of adults to make this choice. Shift also recognizes that for some, factors such as poverty or exploitation can put people into situations where they don’t have control. The program meets people where they are at, whether they want to continue sex work, safely transition, or anything in-between.


Supports Include:

  • Emotional support and case management
  • Free safer sex supplies and sexual health information
  • Advocacy with income supports, housing, Child and Family Services, etc.
  • Escort, massage, entertainment licensing information and support
  • Support to access STBBI testing and treatment
  • Referrals for low-cost contraception 
  • Working safely: “Bad Date” reporting, safer working strategies (date screening, condom negotiation)
  • Referrals to mental health, substance use treatment, housing, financial, employment, basic needs, legal, etc.

Who is the Program for?

Shift provides support to adults currently and formerly working in the sex industry.

Shift offers education sessions to community service providers, students, and the public about sex work and related topics.

Bad Date Sheet

Our Bad Date Sheet circulates details of persons that may pose a threat to sex workers. Bad date lists can serve as a warning system, so that sex workers can avoid persons who fit descriptions on the list.
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Bad Date Forum

Shift has a sex worker only bad date forum. If you are interested in joining, contact shift at 587-999-3304 or

Report a Bad Date

We've been busy this last week packing up, moving out, and settling into a new space just down the road to 1944 10th Ave SW! We may or may not still have used tape wads and cardboard remnants hanging about, but we also have an abundance of safer sex and harm reduction supplies.

One month from today, December 17th at 4:00pm, we will be hosting a vigil at the Sunalta Community Centre in honour of International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. If you would like to prepare something to say at the vigil, please get in touch.

Our friends at @SocietyAnswer are hosting a workshop for sex workers, you can register here:

Corn! It’s got the juice! Wrap up your stalks before buttering any knobs😘 (we don’t know if this song is still trending, but safer sex is always in style)

Shift is excited to have @SagesseCalgary run an open, 6 week program for current or former sex workers! Get in touch with us if you are interested in any or all of the sessions.

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