Drop in Centre & Peer Support

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At the drop-in centre, we offer:

  • Peer support for people who use substances
  • Safer consumption supplies
  • Safer sex supplies
  • STBBI testing and treatment support
  • Naloxone kits
  • Basic food and hygiene supplies
  • Information, education, and referrals, including housing and treatment application support
  • Advocacy to address barriers to service

Our drop-in centre is located at 411 North Railway Street and is open Monday-Friday from 1 – 4 p.m.

To connect with our drop-in centre, call 403.527.5882 or email medicinehat@safelinkalberta.ca.

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"I was hesitant to seek help for my substance use, but SafeLink Alberta in Medicine Hat made me feel welcome and supported. The peer support was invaluable, and the access to supplies like naloxone and safer consumption equipment helped keep me safe. They also helped connect me to housing resources, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm grateful for the non-judgmental and compassionate support I received at SafeLink Alberta."


SafeLink Alberta prioritizes people first and uses a human rights-based model to provide all of our services. Our approach includes:

  • Non-judgmental treatment that recognizes the dignity, compassion, and respect that every person deserves, regardless of their circumstance or condition.
  • Evidence-based, feasible, and cost-effective practices aimed at preventing and reducing harm.
  • Behaviour change seen as a gradual process, where individuals go through self-discovery and transition stages.
  • Active involvement of people with lived and living experience and community stakeholders in shaping policies and practices that make sense.
  • Focus on improving the quality of life and health outcomes for individuals and communities, rather than pushing for a cessation or abstinence approach.
  • Recognition of the complex social factors that influence vulnerability.
  • Empowering people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.
  • Commitment to defending universal human rights.

At SafeLink Alberta, we're dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and supported, no matter what their needs are. We offer a range of services, including safer consumption supplies, safer sex supplies, STBBI testing and treatment support, naloxone kits, basic food and hygiene supplies, information, education, and referrals, as well as advocacy to address barriers to service.

Our commitment to defending universal human rights is at the core of everything we do.

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