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Sexually Transmitted & Blood-Borne Infections Basics


Strut That Stroll: Making Visible Calgary’s Historic Sex Industry: Recorded July 4, 2024

A special Stampede edition of our Knowledge Thirsty Thursday mini trainings where special guest Dr. Kimberly A. Williams, Ph.D. (she/her) takes us back to Calgary’s early days, when our city was notorious as “the booze, brothel, and gambling capital” of the Canadian West, to make visible some of the places, politics, and people that shaped our city’s adult consensual sex industry. From “bawdy houses” to moral crusades to the Calgary Stampede, this talk offers a fascinating glimpse into a hidden chapter of our city’s past, shedding light on a complex intersection of commerce, culture, and controversy while calling attention to the crucial role sex workers played in making Calgary the city we know today.




Strut That Stroll: Making Visible Calgary’s Historic Sex Industry


An interview with SWAN Vancouver – Sex work vs sex trafficking: Recorded June 6, 2024

Watch a unique interview with Western Canada’s leading provider of rights-based, culturally specialized services and advocacy for im/migrant sex workers and trafficking education: SWAN Vancouver. SWAN believes in “Rights, not rescue” for im/migrant women engaged in indoor sex work. Learn from them about the key differences between Sex Work and Sex Trafficking. Help to combat myths and misconceptions about stopping exploitation and supporting workers’ rights to engage in sex work.




An interview with SWAN Vancouver – Sex work vs sex trafficking


A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker: Recorded May 23, 2024

Education Team and the Outreach Team merge their powers together to walk you through a day in the life of an Outreach Worker. Where do they go? What do they bring? Who do they talk to? Why is this work so vital? Watch to find out and meet one of our amazing SafeLink Outreach Workers.




A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker


Prohibition in Alberta: Recorded February 29, 2024

Unveil the nuanced history of Prohibition in Alberta this Knowledge Thirsty Thursday. Navigate the complexities of substance use policies and their impact on communities. Join us for an insightful session that transcends conventional narratives, fostering a deeper understanding of mitigating potential harms in the context of Alberta's past.




Prohibition in Alberta


Recovering From the Holidays While in Recovery: Recorded January 11, 2024

The new year is a hard time of year for many people. For people who are recovering or in recovery from an addiction, this can be a triggering period. Feelings of shame, guilt, and loneliness can be felt deeply during this time of year, so it is no surprise that substance use, especially alcohol, rises in the months of December and January. We are chatting about why we see this increase, what support is available, and how we take care of ourselves, during this month’s Knowledge Thirsty Thursday, with guest speakers and SafeLink staff.




Recovering From the Holidays While in Recovery

Substance Use in the Trades: Recorded December 14, 2023

SafeLink Alberta has developed a 6-hour training to reflect deep rooted systemic trends of Substance use and opioid related deaths in the trades. This KKT will be a condensed review of the findings gathered for the creation of the full workshop. Join one of our educators to explore:

- Canada/Alberta’s Drug Toxicity Crisis and how it impacts people working in the trades.

- The impact of substance use and mental health on workplace productivity.

- Understanding the substances commonly used in the trades.

- Exploring what risk factors related to mental health could lead to substance use.

- How industry culture and working conditions may contribute to substance use and mental health.

Substance Use in the Trades


Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt: Recorded November 30, 2023

The Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt is more than just a collection of fabric and stitches. It is a living memory of the almost 25,000 Canadians who have died of AIDS-related causes, and a powerful symbol of the history, impact, and challenges of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Canada and the world. It is also a source of inspiration and action for HIV prevention and treatment, and a tribute to the lives and stories of the people commemorated on the quilt. This Knowledge Thirsty Thursday shares information about the Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt and its sections.




Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt


Are There Really Drugs in Your Halloween Candy? Recorded October 26, 2023

Every year, after Halloween night, news articles are published claiming that there are drugs in children’s Halloween candy. In this Knowledge Thirsty Thursday, we will be examining why this phenomenon continues to haunt parents and communities and if there REALLY are drugs or other hazards to worry about in your children’s trick or treating baskets. We’ll look at the history of these claims and decide if this is just an urban legend or if this is a true TRICK over treat.




Are There Really Drugs in Your Halloween Candy?


Sex Work is Work: Labour Rights and Decriminalization: Recorded August 24, 2023

The declaration of ‘sex work is work’ is commonly heard and used, yet labour rights are not often discussed in conversations surrounding sex work. We will be chatting about the nature of all work and labour, unpacking the loaded terms of exploitation and trafficking, and considering how we talk about sex work and why.




Sex Work is Work: Labour Rights and Decriminalization


Sexuality Belongs to Everyone – An Intro to Sex & Disabilities: Recorded July 27, 2023

In this Knowledge Thirsty Thursday, we will be busting the misconception that people with disabilities don’t have sex. Sex is for everyone! Sex education often leaves out people with disabilities, and we want to change that! This training will be geared toward service providers, but all are welcome! Let’s get sexy and make sex education inclusive for everyone!”




Sexuality Belongs to Everyone – An Intro to Sex & Disabilities


Let’s Get Compassionate: Embracing Dignity and Humanity when Responding to a Drug Poisoning: Recorded July 13, 2023

In this Knowledge Thirsty Thursday, we will be addressing compassionate care for drug poisoning response. Everyone holds biases and beliefs that impact the way in which we navigate the world. This can lead to us causing harm to those who we are meant to be supporting. We will be unpacking the ways in which we can cause harm and how to prevent it as much as possible. This training will be directed at front line service providers, but all are welcome to join and learn!




Let’s Get Compassionate: Embracing Dignity and Humanity when Responding to a Drug Poisoning


Understanding Barriers to Care: Recorded June 15, 2023

Discover why transgender people are disproportionately impacted by STBBIs in Canada and what you can do to support health and prevention efforts for the community. We will explore what the research says and how social determinants of health impact trans people specifically. This discussion will identify the barriers transgender people face in accessing health care and social services and discuss ways to further inclusive and effective health prevention measures.




Understanding Barriers to Care


Understanding the Transgender Community: Recorded June 8, 2023

Grow your understanding of gender so you can better serve the transgender population as a key population. We will take a closer look at historical impact, language, pronouns, development, and what transition may look like for some. This is valuable information for someone with a limited understanding of the Transgender population. We encourage folks to join for all three sessions on this topic.




Understanding the Transgender Community


The Case for Decriminalization: Recorded May 4, 2023

Are you ready to dive into one of Canada’s most highly debated topics? Drug decriminalization is shaking up the traditional stance on drug regulation, and the evidence is mounting that the current approach is doing more harm than good. Join us on an exciting journey as we explore Canada’s history of drug prohibition, uncover different models implemented locally and internationally, and discuss what advocates are fighting for in Canada.

This Knowledge Thirsty Thursday will contextualize what decriminalization means and how it could not only improve public health outcomes, but also save lives This is a conversation you won’t want to miss – grab a seat and get ready to challenge your assumptions about drug policy!



The Case for Decriminalization

HIV Non-Disclosure: Recorded April 20, 2023

Don't miss out on this crucial conversation with the Canadian Legal AIDS Network on Thursday, April 20th for SafeLink Alberta’s Knowledge Thirsty Thursdays!

Together, we'll explore the pressing issue of HIV and non-disclosure law, including the criminalization of PWLHA, upcoming legal changes, and most importantly, how YOU can join the fight for justice.

With so much at stake, this is an event you won't want to miss.

Host: Chris McBain, Education Coordinator

Guest: André Capretti

André is a dynamic human rights lawyer with a passion for advocating for the rights of marginalized communities affected by HIV. With a diverse background in litigation, public interest work, and international human rights, André brings a wealth of experience to his role at the HIV Legal Network. His impressive credentials include a joint law degree (civil, common, and human rights law) and a master’s degree in human rights and democratization; his expertise spans strategic litigation, Indigenous rights, prisons, and more, making him a formidable force in the fight for HIV-related human rights.


HIV Non-Disclosure


Safer Barebacking: Recorded March 9, 2023

Despite decades of condom campaigns targeted toward the Queer Community, the numbers still show that more than half of people opt out of using them. And with new prevention methods like PreP on the rise, condom use is declining even further. That's why this Knowledge Thirsty Thursday is all about exploring the raw facts around the trend of barebacking (aka condomless sex) looking at the politics of pleasure and learning essential techniques to keep people safe. Don't miss out on this eye-opening session!

Host: Christopher McBain, Education Coordinator



Safer Barebacking