Prevention: PrEP

Prevention: PrEP

(Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) PrEP is an HIV prevention method for people who do not have HIV but want to reduce their risk of becoming infected with the virus.

This once-daily pill, when used consistently, has been shown to very effectively reduce the risk of HIV infection among adult men and women at high risk for HIV infection. The World Health Organization recommends offering PrEP to all people who have a significant risk of HIV infection.

How to Get HIV PrEP

According to Alberta Health Services, the medication will be prescribed by designated health professionals who have demonstrated specific knowledge of HIV prevention. Check AHS’ page for updates and information.

SafeLink Alberta has a shortlist of physicians in Calgary that are open to prescribing PrEP to clients in their practice. For more info about these options, contact us at [email protected]

Is PrEP Right For You?

Taking PrEP means building a relationship with your doctor where you can speak openly and honestly about activities that may increase your risk of HIV and other STIs, your ability to take your meds regularly without missing doses, and other questions or concerns about your overall health. PrEP is an important and effective tool in the HIV prevention toolbox.

Get in touch at [email protected] if you have questions or need support around PrEP access.