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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

February 22 is marked as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Every year, February 22 is a day to encourage Canadians...
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SafeLink Alberta Announces New Organization Values

We are happy to announce our new organizational values! Organizational values serve as guiding principles, reflecting the organization's core beliefs, priorities, and...
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Efforts we are taking to build trust in African, Caribbean, and Black communities.  

Building trust with the ACB (African, Caribbean, and Black) community is essential for SafeLink Alberta. ACB communities face significant stigma...
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Our Ship came in with a Nog for 2024!

Community partnerships with local businesses are amazing examples of fun and supportive fundraising efforts for our organization and the people...
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Black History Month: Why We Serve African, Caribbean, and Black Communities.  

SafeLink Alberta is a non-profit organization that has been serving and advocating for priority populations in Calgary and southern Alberta...
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