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Take Part in the Sex Now Survey 2024!

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How is your sex life? What matters most to you these days? Let the Community-Based Research Centre know by participating in Sex Now, a survey about sex that cares more about you as a person than whether or not you’re using condoms.

The Sex Now Survey is the longest-running survey of gay, bi, trans, two-spirit, queer men, and non-binary folks. Conducted by the Community Based Research Centre (CRBC), this survey collects vital information about 2S/GBTQ men and non-binary people.

Take part in this year’s survey here: https://www.cbrc.net/sex_now_lets_talk_sex

What is the Sex Now Survey?

The Sex Now Survey, conducted since 2002, is the longest-running community survey. It has been an essential source of data on the health and well-being of our communities. It is widely used by the community, public health, research, and policy stakeholders to inform their decision-making, programs, and services.

Taking a holistic approach to health, the survey asks about everything from mental health and substance use to current living situations. Your answers will assist organizations across the country in advocating for better programs and resources and shaping public policies that impact our communities.

This survey is for all 2S/GBTQ men and non-binary people over 15 to participate and is only available online for 2024.

Participation is sought from all ethno-racial backgrounds, immigration status, abilities, HIV status, body types and regional locations across Canada. It can be taken in English, French or Spanish and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Get in Contact:

For more information, contact the survey coordinator at CBRC, Ben Klassen, Associate Director of Research, at ben.klassen@cbrc.ca, or SafeLink Alberta at 403-508-2500 to speak with someone in our office.

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