Vancouver to Host AIDS Conference in 2015

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The 8th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention will be hosted in Vancouver in 2015. The IAS conference is the world’s largest HIV open forum for health experts to come together and discuss advancements in cutting edge HIV research and health management.

As one of the world’s leading organization of HIV experts, it is exciting to have such a diverse group of skilled specialists concentrated in our own nation. It was announced that a partnership with the University of British Columbia Division of AIDS, Providence Health Care, had been established and will be organizing an event that is expected to draw in a staggering 6000 people.

 “Canada has a long history of leadership in HIV and AIDS, particularly in the implementation of prevention strategies and in research surrounding  antiretroviral therapy. We believe that IAS 2015 delegates will benefit from hearing successes and challenges specific to this country which has an evidence–based approach to HIV based on human rights and gender equality.” said Professor Chris Beyrer, International Chair of IAS 2015, from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (source:

With the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS estimating approximately 65,000 individuals in Canada living with HIV; bringing together talent in science, medicine and community leadership to share knowledge and current HIV research is critical. Conferences such as these are opportunities for local community agencies to gather up to date news on current research on HIV/AIDS and use this information to create better informed programs and policies.

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