Under the Mango Tree

Alisha OstbergBlog

Our African Communities Project is bustling with activities these days. Here’s a few recent events/publications that might be of interest.

Under the Mango Tree- A show of sisterhood!
The African Communities Project had another successful get together and in true African spirit –a sign of sisterhood with a mission on Saturday, July 20th.

At the event, aptly coined Under the Mango Tree, 15 women representing 8 African Communities learned information about HIV transmission, testing and harm reduction.
In true camaraderie and laughter, the women also did craftwork where each woman either beaded or sewed a red ribbon in memory of a friend, family or relatives who has either passed on of AIDS or is living with the virus.

Communities represented at the event included Cameroon, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar and Zimbabwe, Japan and Canada.

New Swahili Language Reading Material
The African Communities Project has added Swahili as the 8th African language in our collection of Calgary-specific HIV information brochures!  At the beginning of the Project we hoped to have materials translated into a few African languages – today we have far exceeded expectations and have a total of 8 languages including: Amharic, Oromo, Arabic, Nuer, Tigrinya, French, English and now Swahili.

Brochures include information about HIV transmission, common myths and misunderstandings, information about immigration and human rights, and where in Calgary to receive testing, treatment and support.

Swahili is spoken in East Africa – mainly in Kenya, Tanzania, parts of Congo and some Ugandan groups. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers from diverse African communities who have made this possible!