“The thing that really bothers me is the stigma attached to HIV,” says Keon, Scotiabank AIDS Walk sponsor

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Keon Brown became the General Manager of Twisted Element seven months ago and has been supporting three important initiatives of HIV Community Link since. The downtown club has been a supporter of the Scotiabank AIDS Walk in different capacities over the years and has joined on as a sponsor in 2017.

The day of the Walk will be a busy one for Keon and his staff. Not only does Twisted Element have a team in the Scotiabank AIDs Walk but just after the Walk, Twisted Element will host an HIV Testing, Tea Dance and BBQ event. This MSM (Gay, Bi and Trans) event is organized by HIV Community Link and its HEAT program, in partnership with Safeworks, and has been made possible with the support of Twisted Element, the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch (ISCCA). Events such as the Scotiabank AIDS Walk raise critical funds for HIV Community Link’s programs to hold important testing events like the tea dance in the Calgary community.

Splash_Of_Red_Event_HIV_Community_Link_Calgary_HR 0015Keon (right) supports the cause because it is so close to his heart. “We felt that it is really important to work with HIV Community Link. HIV is a subject that hits close to home in my community and the education is the most important part of it,” says Keon, adding he has friends living with HIV. He encourages everybody to learn about HIV and educate themselves. “I have a friend who acquired HIV on his first sexual experience. The thing that really bothers me is the stigma attached to HIV.”

The 36 year old is really proud to support initiatives in the LGTBQ community. He grew up in a small farming community in Saskatchewan, with a population of 80 with nothing to do but either play hockey or farm. “I almost never met another gay guy; I was very in the closet. I went to school in Lethbridge and came to Calgary as soon as I finished college,” remembers Keon, who then landed various jobs including bar tendering. He has been with Twisted Element for over nine years now.

Keon and the Twisted Element Walk team will be joining the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for the first time on September 17. On top of being one of the sponsors for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk, they’ve made themselves a fundraising goal of $2000. “From the Walk, I’ll come here and encourage people in the LGBTQ community to get tested… Come to the AIDS Walk, and then come join us,” says Keon.

You too can register and support the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Calgary at scotiabankaidswalk.ca/calgary. Join us today and make a difference!

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