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The Importance of Using New Needles in Drug Injection

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Ensuring the well-being of individuals who inject drugs doesn’t need to be complicated – it starts with a simple yet impactful practice: using new needles every time. Let’s break down why this matters: 

Reduced Transmission of STBBIs: 

The first perk of using new needles is a significant drop in the risk of Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections (STBBI) like HIV and HCV. STBBIs are transmitted through body fluids, which are present in needles after use. Using new needles every time ensures there is no risk of contamination.  

Sharper Needles and Vein Protection:  

New needles not only fend off infections but also make the whole injection process smoother. They are sharper and cause less tissue damage, which means less stress on the veins. Keeping preferred veins healthy (like those in the arms) means people who inject substances will have to use riskier sites (like neck, hands, and feet) less often. It’s about prioritizing individuals’ well-being and making sure the experience is as safe as possible. 

Right Size for Dose Management: 

Size matters when it comes to needles. Using the right size ensures precise dosing, reducing the chances of unwanted side effects. It’s all about managing doses effectively and minimizing any risks associated with improper dosing. 

Naloxone and Additional Resources: 

We are not just about needles – access to our services open the door to crucial resources like naloxone, a life-saving medication that can reverse opioid overdoses. Our commitment extends beyond just handing out needles; we are here for comprehensive harm reduction, providing the support and tools you need. 

Using new needles in drug injection is a powerful step toward minimizing risks and creating a safer environment. By consistently adopting this harm reduction strategy, individuals are not just looking out for themselves, they are contributing to the collective effort in reducing the transmission of STBBI. Visit our locations to access safer supplies and empower yourself with the tools for responsible and informed choices. 

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