Scotiabank AIDS Walk Fundraising Tips

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Make Your Fundraising FUN and Meet Your Goals!

On behalf of HIV Community Link, allow me to thank you for joining us for the 2017 Scotiabank AIDS Walk. The work we do would not be possible without the dedication and generosity of supporters such as yourself. So let’s get into some great tips to help reach our goal of $100,000 this year!

Fundraising tip #1: Get Social

  • Use your social media to get your friends, family, and coworkers excited to sponsor YOU! Tweet your recent accomplishments, snap a photo with your team on Instagram, share your progress on Facebook! You may find people who want to support you who you wouldn’t expect. Be sure to tag HIV Community Link on Facebook, @HIVCL on Instagram and @HIVCommLink on Twitter to increase who sees your content. Don’t forget to hashtag #AIDSwalkyyc

Fundraising tip #2: Get rid of that Clutter

  • Do you have boxes in your basement that you can’t seem to get rid of? Do you have bottles and cans that got to go? Host a garage sale in your community to benefit the Walk. Coordinate a bottle drive. Connect with your neighbours and teammates to declutter your homes and have the proceeds go to the Walk.

Fundraising tip #3: Make it Personal

  • In the past, almost all of our top fundraisers have images, videos, and personal stories on their fundraising profile. What makes you special? Why do you walk? Help prospective donors understand why this event is important to you and why they should sponsor your walk/run.

Fundraising tip #4: Create a Costume

  • Did you know that there are prizes for the best costume at the Scotiabank AIDS Walk? Allow your friends and family to add something to your walk costume in exchange for a donation. Per $10 donated add a feather boa, pom-pom or other fun objects glued to your costume. Host a Tie-dye party and dye your shirt. Have fun, look colourful and show your team spirit while fundraising for a great cause.

Fundraising tip #5: Start as Soon as You Can

  • It can take time to get the creative fundraising juices flowing. Some of our most successful walkers start fundraising as early as May. The sooner you start, the more successful you will be in meeting your goals.

Fundraising tip #6: Just Keep Asking, Asking, Asking

  • Did you know that 82% of the Canadian population donates to causes like our own each year[1]? Tons of people in your network want to donate but they just haven’t been asked. Within your online fundraising page you will find helpful tools that will assist you in writing personalized emails that make it easy to keeping on asking!

Fundraising tip #7: Host a Bake sale

  • What’s better than a plate of freshly baked goods? Nothing! Bake cupcakes, muffins, bread or anything you can think of and accept donations in exchange. Host a sale at the company lunch table or in your community. Baking is a great way to get people involved and excited to donate to the Walk.

Fundraising tip #8: Start a Team with Your Coworkers

  • Looking for a way to get office moral up? Start a team with your co-workers. Make a friendly fundraising competition and ask your boss if they will give prizes to the top fundraiser. The top fundraiser may be able to dress in what they would like for a week. The lowest fundraiser may have to wear a funny hat. Have some fun, be creative and bring your team together for a great cause.

Fundraising tip #9: Donate to yourself

  • Show people you are serious about fundraising by donating to yourself. Potential donors will see how dedicated you are to the cause and will be more likely to sponsor you.

Fundraising tip #10: Get Creative

  • Some of our most effective ways of fundraising are unique and clever ideas hatched in our walkers brains. Think outside the box and come up with new and fun ideas to fundraise. Host a special dinner party and require a cash donation. In lieu of a special occasion gift, ask to be sponsored instead. Be creative and have fun in the process.

More information about the Scotiabank AIDS Walk 2017 here. Register at

Trevor Malterer
Events Coordinator
HIV Community Link

[1]2013 Statistics Canada, General Social Survey – Giving, Volunteering and Participating