Ain image of a key in a door lock. Text reads "National Housing Day: Housing is a Human Right."

National Housing Day

Olga SydorchukBlog

Housing is a human right. Housing should be affordable, safe, and accessible to everyone. Housing is harm reduction. Housing is not simply a roof over your head. Housing is a comfortable place to sleep. Housing is where you and your loved ones spend time together making memories. Housing is place to be where you are free and safe, not only from the elements, but from everything else in the world; a place where you can simply just exist without the expectations of others. Housing is a hot shower, a place to store and cook food, things housed folks often take for granted. Housing is a place to watch your favorite shows with your cat beside you. Housing is a stable foundation from which you build the rest of your life. Housing is not something that needs to be earned. Housing is a home of your own, and everyone deserves that.

November 22, 2023, is National Housing Day. Today, many in our communities and a significant portion of those served by SafeLink Alberta do not have access to safe or affordable housing. In a time where rent and cost of living continue to skyrocket, today we need to be more vocal than ever about housing access for all.