Condom Your Cowboy – Mixed Reviews

Alisha OstbergBlog, condoms, safer sex

The Condom Your Cowboy campaign runs during Stampede, promoting safer sex during this infamously sexy time. Condom Your Cowboy gets condom packs on the street, in bars, and on party buses, putting safer sex front and centre. After seeing all the great work everyone did on this year’s campaign, I was excited to see a photo (above) of the Condom Your Cowboy condom packs on Instagram. 

The comment thread for this photo was disheartening, to say the least. Words like “gross” have been used in relation to sex far too often, leaving folks too ashamed to talk about how to stay safe. Comparing fee condoms to strategies for facilitating cheating is just plain depressing. These comments paint a picture of the stigma condoms still carry. It’s fascinating to see how people my own age (mid to early 20’s) are still influenced by sex-negativity.  

So, do we agree with the old adage that any press is good press? Should we view this social media conversation as a success? This Instagram photo shows that we are getting out in the community and sparking discussions! What do you think we, as a sexual health agency, can do to better promote safe sex during Stampede?  Has our attitude towards condoms and sexuality really improved?

(Condom Your Cowboy is a partnership project with the Calgary Coalition on HIV/AIDS)

This blog article was written by Samantha McCarthy’s, AIDS Calgary Shift Case Worker and Condom Your Cowboy project member.