People Living with HIV

People Living With Hiv

On effective treatment, people living with HIV can thrive. They can achieve their goals and live a long and happy life. There are many misconceptions about what it means to be HIV positive. Each experience is unique; how each person copes with their diagnosis will be different.

Why We Serve Them

Despite game-changing medical advances in HIV treatment, fear about HIV transmission persists today. Living with HIV can be a draining experience. People living with HIV may experience stress and worry after diagnosis. They may face judgement, rejection, or discrimination from others. Or, if they choose not to tell those within their lives, they may become isolated. People living with HIV can also face discrimination from healthcare professionals, that can stigmatize, blame, or not address patients' concerns. 

Did you know?

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There are approximately 7,702 known HIV diagnoses in Alberta, with 190 new diagnoses in 2020.

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In Canada an estimated 91% of persons on HIV treatment have a suppressed viral load.

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A survey of people living with HIV found:

  • 58% decided not to have sex because of their HIV status.
  • 50% reported their HIV status negatively impacted their relationships.
  • 22% worry that healthcare workers won’t listen to their concerns.
  • 10% were advised by healthcare workers not to have sex because of their status.