Black History Month 2022

Cid Hanna BHM2022, Blog

Black History Month, observed annually each February, is significant to the African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) community. It is a time to reflect on the legacy of black activists, celebrate their achievements, and commemorate those who came before and paved the way for all people of African descent that live in North America.

It is important to remind people of the forerunners within the Black community who suffered immeasurably for human rights throughout generations past. Their contributions should be recognized, celebrated, and continue to be part of community conversation. Their work should never be taken for granted. Today’s generation must remember that they stand on the strong shoulders of giants who came before and whose legacies are intrinsic to the world we live in today.

Throughout history, music has played a fundamental role in the lives of black people. This has been expressed through gospel music, jazz, folk, hip hop, and spoken word. These artistic mediums not only capture social and political movements throughout time, but have also been used to provide both comfort and encouragement to community members. Keeping this in mind, for 2022, Drumbeat chose to celebrate Black History Month by showcasing local vibrant artists who are using their talents as a platform to facilitate social justice within the community in pursuit of change.

Drumbeat works within the ACB community to further discussions around health and equity as a form of HIV prevention. Sadly, social determinants of health like racism, stigma, colonization, health care inequities, and years of prejudicial oppression continue to create vulnerabilities to wellbeing within the community. Through collaborating with local activists as part of Black History month, Drumbeat wanted to further highlight how social activism is part of HIV prevention. We hope that other advocates and allies are inspired to consider how justice and equity are powerful tools in our fight to end HIV.

We invite everyone to join us throughout February as we honor Black History Month by shining a spotlight on local artists, activists, and creators. Black History month is indeed a celebration of rich culture, and it deserves to be commemorated! As a community, we need to honor and remember those that paved the way for this generation, those who bore the brunt of slavery, colonialism, extreme injustice, and anti-black racism.

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